Took me long enough...

I've had this livejournal for lord know's how long, yet I've never written in it. I originally created an account to see member's only posts on OhNoTheyDidn't. This is the first time I have even looked at my profile page, aside from choosing whatever style when I made it. 

I find that when I write (and I am comparing to tangible journals and my super old xanga) I either rant about something that's pissing me off, or whine about something that's going wrong. While the rants are funny to look back on, the whiny entries are really just annoying. I don't get too worked up frequently, so often times it's because things haven't been resolved. Big problems that have affected my life for years. And I don't like talking or thinking about it.

Anyway, perhaps this will be different. I'll try to come back and write as much as possible. Since no one I know actually knows about this, it'll give me freedom to say whatever the hell I want without consequence. That's actually refreshing.
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